Our Journey

In 1998, just two years after opening Lucketts Store, we decided to host our first fair in the parking lot of the Lucketts community center.  The demand for space in our store had way exceeded the space we had available, so we decided to host an annual event where we could get to know more vendors and give them a chance to showcase their amazing finds. 


After a few good years in the community center parking lot, demand for space continued to grow,(begin phase one of too big for our britches) so we moved the show across the street into the fields surrounding Lucketts Store.  We had so much fun hosting these events and were so thrilled to see how much everybody enjoyed them that we began welcoming more and more vendors every year. 


After about a decade of hosting the fair on the grounds of the store we encountered a familiar problem,(enter phase 2, of too big for our britches) As strange as it felt to realize we could no longer host the fair on our property, we knew that relocating was the only way to take things to the next level.  After months of searching for a new location that would work best for everyone, we finally found our new home in Berryville, Virginia, the Clarke County Fairgrounds! Owned and operated by the Clarke County Ruritans Club, we felt this location had everything we needed to continue improving on this already spectacular event. Just like Goldilocks, it isn’t too big or too small, but just right, has plenty of conveniently located parking, fab vintage outbuildings,  28 acres of outdoor space to spread our wings, and a major stage for live music! Since 2017 we’ve only fallen more in love with the new location which has allowed us to exceed even own our expectations of what this fun vintage market could be. 


Since its inception, the fair had always been once a year, in May, but in 2020 and 2021 that just wasn’t possible due to the pandemic.  By fall 2021 things seemed to be improving enough that we decided to try our first ever October event! It was amazing seeing how the vendors adapted to the new season and we loved it so much we wanted to keep doing it…but what about the May fair? We’re doing that too! Both fairs will feature the same great finds you’ve come to expect plus unique seasonal offerings that make each one extra special. Can’t wait to see you there!